MSP Series (1.5 – 115kW)

MSP Series (1.5 – 115kW)
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MSP Series (1.5 – 115kW)
50Hz MSP1&2 MSP3 MSP4
Discharge Connection - [mm] 80 / 100 / 150 mm 80 / 100 / 150 mm 80 / 150 / 200 /250 / 300 mm
Power Range [kW] 1.5 – 15 7.5 – 32 6.6 – 115
Max Flow Range – [LPM] 6500    
Max Shut-oFF Head - [m] 43 92 100
Solids Handling - [mm]      
Impleler Type Channel / Vortex Channel / Vortex Channel / Vortex
Power Supply 230/380/460/575 volts Yes Yes Yes
Cooling jacket system -optional Yes Yes Yes
Max Starts/Stop per hour 15 15 15
Motor- VFD rated 2 / 4 / 6 Poles 2 / 4 / 6 Poles 4 / 6 / 8 Poles


NEMA B design, die cast aluminum squirrel cage rotor, induction motor rated for continuous duty with 1.15 service factor. High Efficiency in compliance with “NEMA Energy Efficient Class”. Moisture resistant Class “H” (180°C temperature rating) insulated stator windings, watertight air-filled IP68 enclosure. UL listed components, rated for VFD operation. Siemens design with 4, 6 and 8-pole speed options. Klixon temperature sensors embedded in stator windings for thermal overload protection. Moisture detection probes in main motor cavity, top-end power cable terminal chamber and seal oil reservoir. Optional maintenance free, integral closed loop cooling system available for dry pit or partial submerged continuous duty. Cooling system is separate from pumped liquid. No external cooling source required. POWER SUPPLY: 380/400/415 volts +/-10%, 3-phase, 50-hz AC Supply. SHAFT: The pump shaft is integral with the motor. The shaft material is AISI 431 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and strength, and conservative in design to accommodate maximum torque requirements at normal start-up condition or any operating point in the system. The shaft has a polished finish with accurately machined shoulders to accommodate bearings, seals and impeller.


The rotating element is carried by two ball bearings. The lower bearing is a double angular contact ball bearing, C3 with H7 fit, capable of carrying high thrust and radial loads. The upper bearing is a deep groove single row ball bearing, C3 with H7 fit. The bearings are filled with high temperature grease containing special anti-corrosive additive, maintenance free for life. Bearings are conservative in size and properly spaced to transfer all radial and axial loads to the pump housing and minimize shaft deflection. B10 bearing life is greater than 50,000 hours.


33’/10m in length, sized according to IEC, NEC or CSA standards, water/oil resistant EPR insulated, copper conductor flexible cable and additional control cable for moisture sensor and thermals, capable of continuous submerged operation underwater at temperatures to 90°C and to a depth of 66 feet. Additional cable lengths optional.


The cable entry design does not require specific torque requirements to insure a watertight seal. The cable entry consists of a cylindrical elastomer grommet, flanked by stainless steel washers. A cable cap incorporating a strain relief mounts to the cable entry boss compressing the grommet ID to the cable while the grommet OD seals against the bore of the cable entry. The junction chamber is isolated and sealed from the motor by means of sealing glands and O-rings. Electrical connections between the power cables and motor leads are made via a post type terminal board.


Cartridge double mechanical shaft seal system to facilitate easy seal changes in the field without special tools. Seal faces are silicon carbide against silicon carbide for long life and resistance to heat and abrasion. Seals operate maintenance free in a reservoir of food grade oil that hydro-dynamically lubricates the seal faces at a constant rate, providing superior heat transfer and maximum cooling. The reservoir is designed to prevent overfilling and to provide lubricant expansion capacity. The oil tap drain has a positive anti-leak seal and is easily accessible from the outside of the pump. The seal system does not rely upon the pumped media for lubrication and will not be damaged when the pump is run dry.


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